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Closing ceremony

Russia takes home 7 gold medals

By GM Arturs Neiksans The last round of the championship lived up to it’s expectations – while most of the groups finished with more or...

9th round

Heading to the photo finish!

By GM Arturs Neiksans It couldn’t have been a more exciting 8th round! Although in several groups the gap between the leader and the followers...

8th round

The lucky 18

By GM Arturs Neiksans It seems that in Riga, home of the famous chess magician Mikhail Tal, there’s a spell that bears the number of...

7th round

A day of dramas and missed opportunities

By GM Arturs Neiksans It’s not easy to be a leader, nor to play with one! In the end somebody will become the European champion...

6th round